Monday, 24 January 2011

Is Having Cosmetic Surgery for Free a Bargain?

If the cosmetic surgery was absolutely free, I would indeed accept the deal. I think most Americans are vain and we want to look as beautiful as we can. I am 56 now and yes seeing some wrinkles that I would like to get rid of. I use to be very beautiful and I can see the looks now. Look and see what happened to her.

I can just see myself waking down the street smiling from ear to ear and seeing all the men look my way. Well, maybe that is not so good after all. Well maybe for a few minutes anyway. There are many dangers involved in plastic surgery and things that even for free we must consider. Besides the vain aspect of it all, there are always consequences. Yes, as they say, "Nothing is for free."

The benefits of cosmetic surgery are fabulous. You will look and feel better inside and out. You will have self esteem, you will look younger, be prettier and maybe even thinner. Once the surgery is done, there will be a new you. Many patients are no longer self conscious and live a much better life. They no longer worry about what people think any more, they have the confidence of a tiger.

As with the benefits come many dangers. As in all surgeries, whether gall bladder or heart surgery, they all come with consequences. All the pros and cons should be weighed before accepting the once in a lifetime deal of free cosmetic surgery.

Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery:
  • 1. Bleeding
  • 2. Scarring
  • 3. Nerve Damage
  • 4. Reaction to Anesthesia
 We hear of many failed surgeries from many stars and we see the horrors of the person with the 3 boobs, but the majority of the surgeries are successful. Some go to Mexico to get the surgery done cheaper, but in the end it is all to look better. The ultimate goal is vanity. In many religions including mine, vain is prohibited.

Actually, cosmetic surgery is prohibited also. What God has given us, we should be happy with. But, like many who have gotten older, we want to have another chance. Another look at the youth we lost.

The mere thought of having some free cosmetic changes done to my face is exciting. To be young and alive again is tempting. Youth is something we all want to have returned. From looking at my old pictures of ten years ago when many say I looked like Miss Universe to today when I am tired looking. Wouldn't some cosmetic surgery pick me up some and give me a huge gigantic ego?

There are many alternatives out there for lesser price such as botox and inplants. Many who got "boob jobs", years ago are having them removed. Maybe the ideal of free should make us stop and think. Well maybe if I had the appointment in hand, I would think twice though.