Thursday, 16 June 2011

Top Hollywood Celebrity Websites and Blogs

Are you looking for the top Hollywood gossip websites on the net? These five top Hollywood gossip wesites have more “dish” on celebrities than you can read in a lifetime. Why are Americans or should I say people so interested in celebrities? People want to know when where and how and they want to have up-to-date info now. If there is news happening today, these Hollywood gossip websites will keep you super informed.   
  1. E! Online. E! Online is one of the most popular sites on the web.  E! Online is a mimic of the television show, Entertainment Tonight with hosts Mark Steines and Mary O’Dell. E! Online has been rated in the top 10 most popular news channels with a rank of number eight with 7.5 million visitors. The number one rated entertainment news is OMG! by Yahoo. Top 10 Websites rated E! Online as number two. There are columns and highlighted news stories by many well known writers.  There are also columns called Planet Gossip, Watch with Kristin and The Hum. Recently Mary Hart left Entertainment Tonight after 25 years of being their host. The send off she received was better than any Broadway show you may have seen. Mary Hart will surely be missed.
  2. TMZ.  TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone) is owned by Time Warner/AOL and was originally created by Harvey Levin in 2005. The thirty mile zone means the area that TMZ covers locally from the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienga Boulevard in Los Angeles. TMZ is a Hollywood gossip website and they are number two on the list of top entertainment news. TMZ is affiliated with AOL and it boasts the logo on its website. According to Top 10 List, TMZ is listed second under the Perez Hilton Blog.   
  3. OMG! by Yahoo. The number one rated Hollywood gossip website is OMG! by Yahoo.  What exactly does OMG! stand for?  It means “Oh my God!”  OMG is a division of Yahoo News and was created in 2007.  OMG! is rated #1 by several companies except for top blogs.  The Top 10 best websites placed Perez Hilton as the number one blog.  OMG! by Yahoo have more than 23.7 million viewers and millions of viewers see the top gossip news every time they open up their email.  This is exactly why they are number one, as there is nothing more compelling then to see who is sending emails?
  4. People Magazine. People Magazine is number three on the top rated Hollywood gossip websites and has 13.5 million viewers. Although People’s editor, Larry Hackett states that the magazine is not just for celebrity gossip magazine.  People magazines has half celebrity gossip and half human interest stories. People Magazine out ranks E! Online and CNN Entertainment.  People Magazine is owned by Times Warner and was created in 1974, the oldest on this list of top Hollywood gossip websites. People Magazine comes with an overall good rating as being very trustworthy and OMG they have the sexiest man alive contest too.
  5. Perez Hilton Blog.  Perez Hilton Blog is one you should not miss.  It is rated the number one blog by Top 10 List and is definitely a must visit.  The celebrity gossip on this blog is not your normal gossip type with many snarky, sarcastic and negative remarks by the owner Perez Hilton.  Perez Hilton is not the famous Paris Hilton, but a male born in Miami, Florida on March 23, 1978.  His real name is Mario Armando Lavanderia, Jr.  He is a professional blogger and celebrity.  The blog has grown in popularity as people love to see the downside of celebrities and it makes you laugh. All the top news is posted with  remarks to make you say, OMG!   For a fun way to look at Hollywood gossip, visit the Perez Hilton Blog.
Photo courtesy of Photobucket: narkasit09