Tuesday, 20 April 2010

California's Best Vacation Destinations

The best vacation destinations in California are listed in this article and each one of them a dream in itself. There are many more than listed here, but these are some of the best. From the wonderful parks and campgrounds to the beaches, California has them all. Once you come to California, you will never want to leave.

California Wine Country

California is well known for its wine growing districts. Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley have a reputation for some of the best wines and a travel destination to these places is well worth the travel. They are located 50 miles north of San Francisco. In the central area of California lies Monterey and Santa Barbara, and they are known for their wineries also. For a great tour and some free wine tasting come on over to these wineries.

Huntington Beach

A place for romantic weddings and surf side nuptials. One of the hot spots in Southern California for young couples. If you love surfing, then this is the dream vacation. The town is big enough, but not too big.

Joshua Tree National Park

Just east of Palm Springs is a beautiful treasure called Joshua Tree National Park. It is a great rock climbing place and not known to many, but a great get-a-way. It is famous for its strange looking Joshua Trees. If you love to camp, this is the place for you.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a desert town and located out in the hideaways, but it has some of the most beautiful hotels and spas as they cater to the wealthy and elite. It is the hideaway for many stars and celebrities and it contains many gold courses. It is sunny here year round and caters to the young and old. You will find many retirement villages here.

San Diego

San Diego is located in the southern part of California and has many wonderful beaches. The pleasant climate and the cool air flowing from the water is an attraction in itself. San Diego is home to one of the largest zoological parks in the world also. San Diego is very close to the Mexican Border town of Tijuana and so any tourist can take a quick visit there for some wonderful Mexican food.

Sea World:

Sea World is located in San Diego and it is the place where the Shamu perform. There are many wonderful rides there, like Journey to Atlantis and Shipwreck Rapids. Come and see Elmo and his friends at the Sesame Street Bay and see the sea lion show also. It is a full year of excitement, fun rides and shows. A travel destination that should not be missed.

http://www.sandiego.org/listin g/Visitors/4835

San Francisco

No trip could be better than to go to Northern California and see the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is considered to be one of the most picturesque cities and the USA and comes with a hefty price tag also. Besides their Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is famous for the cable cars, their steeply inclined streets and the many Victoria Homes. Silicon Valley is very close to San Francisco which is known for the "technology district."

Santa Barbara

The home of many stars to include Oprah and Barbara Streisand, Santa Barbara is a very beautiful and calming country setting. The home of many weddings of the stars and others with its huge lots and many tree lined streets. Whether you want to spend your day at the museums, walk on the beach or eat at the many restaurants, Santa Barbara has it all.


There are so many places to visit in California and to say which one is the best, could not be done. Take your time and start down south at Sea World in San Diego and come up the coast enjoying the "Big Sur" as you travel up the highway and pass through to Santa Barbara and end up with your final destination of San Francisco. A truly wonderful vacation would be to visit them all.

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