Monday, 19 April 2010

Famous Celebrities from California

As we look at the many famous people from California, we must consider all professions. Whether they were actors, singers, poets,inventors or even baseball players. From the rich and the famous to those who died penniless, An overview of all the famous people from California would have to start with the movie stars of course.

Famous Movie Stars:

- From Models to heart throbs, California has them all. Tyra has a top talk show in the high ratings and Leo has the heart of millions of young teenagers. Shirley Temple can never be beat and Robert Redford, a idol for the older group.Marie Hemingway is from California also and comes from a family of many suicides. I think we only think of her as sad. Ernest Hemingway was such an icon and he is so missed.

Famous Singers and Musicians:

From musicians to opera singers, California has them all. The people from California are not large names but people who did a lot for the industry such as David Brubeck, Coolio in his rap, Jerry Garcia and Emma Nevada, know for her opera singing.

Famous Filmmakers and playwright:

No movie star exist without the filmmakers and playwright. The most famous of course is George Lucas. The other two famous people are Sydney Howard as a playwright and David Belasco who was a playwright and producer.

Famous Dancers:

Isadora Duncan danced to many tunes and won our hearts.

Famous Sports People:

Joe DiMaggio most famous as the husband of the late Marilyn Monroe and Serena and Venus from Lynwood, stars on the tennis courts. Tiger Woods, the number one golfer and a multi-millionaire investor. Mark McGwire, baseball player who humiliated with his final days. Others like Marcus Allen, Richard Pancho and Jeff Gordon, have hit the list of the notables.

Famous Inventors:

Some of the famous inventors from California are Luis Alvarez, Robert Bower, Frederick Cottrel, Charles P. Ginsburg and Theodore H. Maiman.

Famous Authors:

The most famous authors from California are Gertrude Atherton, Jack London and John Steinbeck.

Famous Chef:
Our final tribute goes to Julia Child, French cooking at its best. She cannot be beat. Not by Martha Stewart or Emeril, Julia was a star on her own.

California has some pretty famous people who inspire us all. From Shirley Temple Black who later went into politics to Tiger Woods who became the number one golfer ever in history, we must remember and respect them. California is a great state and a great state that bore many great people.