Thursday, 15 July 2010

How Twitter, Digg and Facebook Can Lead to Infidelity

It begins really innocently on a social network website such as Twitter, Facebook or Digg, but then the innocent remarks leads to emails of help. Those innocent remarks seeking guidance in joining a hosting company or buying a home soon turns to flirting and laughing. Before long the two are chatting regularly about life and death and then there is a spark. Something that was unexpected, but two hearts become involved.

All of a sudden one of them starts telling the other about their miserable married life and how they are looking for a way out. Innocently they agree to be just friends, but the sneaky little devil intervenes with his love potion and what began innocently ends up in a adulterous fling of eyes and tongue. Is there anything wrong with this type of fling or affair over the Internet wire? Of course it is. It is still infidelity.

Both men and women participate in their mind games and why not it is fun, right. What makes it seem alright is the fact that it is not real and you are just playing with pretend people. Two people laughing and having fun and using therir time to forget about their real lives. Before long the dredgery of life seems okay because there is the internet girlfriend.

The girlfriend understands and she is patient and she requires absolutely no maintenance at all. There are no flowers to buy or no dinners to pay for just that daily and nightly ritual of conversation. Before long the innocent chit chat and flirting moves into high gear and there is talk of more and more. The innocent sex talk raises interest and the now often sex over the Internet begins.

Now it isn't enough to just talk on the Internet, the telephone numbers are exchanged. After the first call comes and the pretend girlfriend is no more a pretend girlfriend, but now she is a real person and she is someone he has to see. She becomes the woman that he waited for all his life and she is now his soul mate. He fights with his real wife more and more and he longs to be with his pretend girlfriend on the Internet.

There is talk of divorce and quickly and hearts are broken and families are torn apart, all because of that once fatal mistake of flirting on the internet or social network website. Would things have been the same without access to the social network website? Would the family still be together? Only time will tell.

The two pretend lovers decide to meet and spend a weekend together and learn more about each other. Funny in most cases their hope for love at first sight turns to "oh my God, what have I done." The husband has already left his wife and he is planning a divorce and he sees the love of his life weighs 250 pounds. Not what she stated on her profile on the web. She is crushed thinking this was her soul mate not someone who cares about her weight. The two separate never to talk again, but then there is always tomorrow on the social network to play the game once more.