Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ways for the Poor to Help the Poor

Once you are poor and you know what you have been through, you are very likely to help the poor. Poor people are not bad and they are not less than others. They just have been less lucky in the this world. Many people treat them badly because they don't have fancy cars and beautiful clothing. Some people ignore their needs and yes some people turn their face when they are present.

In order to understand how it is to be poor you have to walk in their shoes. You have to be poor enough to know hunger and you have to be poor enough to know fear. Fear is a four letter word that starts with "F" and believe me it is much worst than the 4 letter word you may be thinking of. Being afraid that you can't pay the rent and being afraid you will not have enough money for the electric bill and your children will be cold. Fear is sad and fear may cause many to turn to crime.

When you have walked in their shoes you will want to help them more. It does not take much to help anyone. Even a bar of chocolate sometimes might mean the world to someone. Can you imagine that if they did get charity, what would they get? Rice, flour or canned beans. How many people give sweets, chocolate or just plain a bag of oatmeal cookies? Why would you treat a poor person different than your own sister?

If you do not have money, then you can donate clothing. Clothing or housewares are great presents for the poor. There are always extra pieces of clothing to donate. It may help to keep someone warm who cannot afford heat. Another way the poor can help the poor is spreading the word. You can tell the people who donate to you about a family who has less. You can notify charities of this woman who is lonely and has no heat.

Sometimes the simplest of gestures will mean the world to the poor. They deserve help and they deserve kindness. A visit on the holidays or a phone call just to say you are thinking about them. The ultimate word should be to pay the favor forward. Try and remember when you were in their shoes. Be their friend and someone that will invite them over for tea. Take them with you when you go to shopping. Many poor people have no transportation so sharing a ride would help greatly.

Being poor sometimes is better than being rich. You don't have to wonder how to spend your money and you do not have to wonder where to travel to. You have barely enough to buy the necessities and you just are trying to exist. Poor people tend to be very humble and kind and they make great friends. Drop them a not and say, "I love you" come and visit me.

You will be rewarded for your kindness to a poor person and I am sure once you get money one day you will remember more of how it is to be poor. Spread the wealth and spread the love. It all comes back on you.