Thursday, 15 July 2010

Nothing is Ever Free - There are Always Catches

Free is not a word the economy understands today. From the promise of the encyclopedia salesman to give you an entire set of encyclopedias absolutely free to free Las Vegas tickets, nothing is free. Those supposedly free encyclopedias end up costing you $1200 dollars and yes those luscious Las Vegas tickets cost too. Whether it is spending more on a trip than was necessary or requirements of you eating at a certain restaurant, nothing is free.

The world is competitive:

The word for all of this is "gimmick." With so much competition in the world, and the economy in the rut, it is all about con artist with a gimmick. Why would the Mirage offer a discount package to someone to stay in their hotel? To get you to gamble there and lose more than the price of the room. It is a gimmick and it is a sales pitch.

Is it illegal to do these things? Absolutely not and it is happening all the time. Like the ads, "Free Gaming Lessons." No, nothing is free. You have to spend money to make money. So in order to learn to gamble, you have to practice somewhere, right. Nothing is free. It all comes with a price.

As the person offers you free gaming lessons, you will of course want to gamble in that hotel, stay in the rooms there and of course eat there. Nothing is free. How about the other ads in Vegas, "Free Shrimp Cocktail." Again, a gimmick to get you to the bar. Did you ever notice that you have to eat the shrimp cocktail at the bar. The bar which has the slot machines built right on top of the bar and yes, enticing you to drink more there. Gimmicks everywhere.

Nigeria lottery scams:

Every time you see your email and it says you have won 50 million dollars, don't open the email. How about the ones offering you a free inheritance, a free lottery or blah, blah, blah. It is all a gimmick. Will you ever see that money, no way. There are so many gimmicks trying to get you to spend more. A typical email telling you that you won 50 million dollars and all you have to do is pay for the tax and the federal express fees. So many are falling for that one.

It is sad when the people become cynical and doubtful but it is a way we must all be at times. Are there legitimate free deals, yes of course. There are times when you become a gold member with the Four Season's Hotel in Las Vegas and they send you a card for a free room. There are no strings attached or are there? While in Las Vegas, you will eat at the hotel and gamble , gamble and gamble more. So that free room cost you exactly how much?

But, lets be sensible here. Now if I am going to gamble anyway and a casino offers me a free steak dinner and a free shrimp cocktail, doesn't it make more sense to go there? Of course it does. Let's look at Sam's Town on Boulder Highway. Why would anyone drive out there to go see one of there attractions? Because they are free and they offer things that other hotels don't. They have one of the best steak dinners for a very low price and on top of it all you can walk around in their many fun parks. So free may be one of the best gimmicks and attractions of Las Vegas.