Thursday, 28 October 2010

Learn How to Make a Michael Jackson Costume

Using Materials in Your Home, Neighborhood or Even Salvation Army

Michael Jackson Costume - President Reagan Library

Michael Jackson died too soon. The whole world is mourning the loss and remembering this music icon and pop star. This Halloween, folks will be seeing Michael Jackson everywhere. The whole costume can be purchased through Amazon for $119.99, but it's also possible to make the costume using some simple ideas. First, one must decide which Michael Jackson to pattern the look after: the Thriller Michael Jackson or the Billie Jean Michael Jackson? The child star Michael Jackson or the This is it Michael Jackson? No matter which version one chooses, it can easily be put together for a fraction of the price of a new costume.


Ideas for Dressing Like Michael Jackson


  • Tight-fitting black suit
  • Black hat or fedora
  • White gloves
  • Leather pants
  • White socks
  • Balck leather shoes
  • Black curly wig
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Square suitcase with Michael Jackson's name on it in glitter
  • Long silk shirt
  • White sleeveless t-shirt
  • Cassette player playing Michael Jackson's songs


Where can You Purchase These Things


  • Target
  • K-Mart
  • Thrift Stores
  • Salvation Army


Resources for Learning to Look and Move Like Michael Jackson


  • Billie Jean Music Video: The Billie Jean Music video and many others are available on YouTube.
  • How to Do the Moonwalk: A Moonwalk tutorial by Video- Jug is posted on YouTube. It is rated 4.5 stars and certainly worth a look.
  • How to Make A Michael Jackson Halloween Costume Video: Courtesy of Threadbanger.com, here is a crazy and funny video for those who want to watch some real entertainment.
  • This is It Movie, Coming Soon: A most anticipated movie trailer, This is It, will be in theaters on October 28th, 2009. It will be previewed on October 27th 2009, for 3,000 lucky fans who have already bought the tickets, and on the same date the album will be available everywhere. Then on the 28th the movie will be shown around the world in a list of cities that includes Los Angeles, New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Berlin and Seoul.
Study the videos and learn to Moonwalk. Watch them to learn how Michael Jackson walked and talked. Learn how he carried his jacket over one shoulder and how he smiled. Watch how he tilted his hat and how he grabbed his pant leg. Michael Jackson is a hero to many; join in the celebration of his life this Halloween.