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Places To Purchase a Michael Jackson Costume

Fedora, T-Shirts, Sequinned Gloves, Jackets, Shoes and More

Oct 14, 2009 Barbara Trejo
Michael Jackson 1984 - President Reagan Library
Michael Jackson 1984 - President Reagan Library

Michael Jackson – icon, humanitarian, father, son and brother – died suddenly, and the world is mourning. Jackson has the distinction of being the top pop star for charitable donations in the Guiness World Records. He also has the distinction of having won more awards than any other music artist. Now he is missed all over the world.

The Thriller album was the highest selling album of all time. His Bad album ranked number two in the world. Jackson was given the title of "Entertainer of the Decade" in the 1980s. He also won eight Grammys in 1984, thus achieving a new record at the Guiness World Records: Most Grammy Awards.

As many look back on Jackson's legacy, the most desired looks for Halloween are patterned after his Thriller and Billie Jean looks. Many outlets are selling complete costumes, and many are selling individual items. It's possible to use some homemade items and add some accessories to make the store-bought costumes more personal.

The Entire Costume

Amazon.com sells the entire Billie Jean outfit for $119.99 US. Costumediscounters.com sells the same costume for $109.97. Costumesupercenter.com also has a Billie Jean costume for $109.99. Amazon.com has the highest rating of the companies available, but it is up to the consumer to decide which outlet to choose, if any. Many people will prefer to go with some homemade items and add the accessories only.

Michael Jackson Costume Accessories


  • Black Aviator Glasses: Googlesandglasses.com sells aviator glasses in many shapes and designs with prices starting at $7.99 and going up. If all else fails, try Target.
  • Fedora Hat: This hat is synonymous with the famous Michael Jackson. This is not something that can be purchased at K-Mart or Target, but must be acquired through a specialty shop. Amazon.com carries a large assortment of fedora hats, starting at $8.99 and ranging up to $42.99.
  • Sequinned Glove: Halloween31.com has a sequinned glove for $16.99, and they also carry a large assortment of other accessories, from wigs to the entire costume. Amazon and eBay both sell the glove, along with many other items.
  • T-shirts: Michael Jackson was famous for wearing t-shirts in many of his videos. He was also famous for wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt under a long-sleeved shirt, which has been widely pictured. So wear a plain t-shirt, which can be purchased from any K-Mart, or buy a special one. Chasingthefrog.com has a large selection of t-shirts, from a "Beat It" music video tee to the "White Glove" t-shirt.
  • Socks: Brandsonsale.com offers glitter leggings for $9.99. One can buy the leggings and the fedora as one item for $17.98. If you feel you don't want to buy glitter socks, then a traditional pair of white socks will give almost the same effect.
  • Arm Bands: Arm bands can be purchased from Michaeljacksonarmband.com for $12.95. Many people are making the arm bands themselves by buying glitter material from a fabric store and doing some simple stitching.
  • Jackets: Michaeljacksoncelebrityclothing.com has many Michael Jackson jackets for $99 and up. They have both the red and the black jacket. If this seems too expensive, then opt for a long shirt with the white t-shirt.
  • Loot Bag: One of the final things to consider is the "trick or treat" bag. Consider using a small square suitcase, because, in the Billie Jean video, Jackson comes on stage carrying a suitcase and opens the suitcase to bring out the clothes. What a fitting showstopper, with "Michael Jackson" etched in glitter letters on the suitcase!

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