Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Travel Protection for Expats: Medical, Death and Travel

Moving to another country unprepared can be like going to the Eiffel Tower and jumping off. Travel Insurance is necessary for all expats traveling.

Most expats leave their country because of employment, religion, marriage or tax evasion. The biggest majority who leave have never thought about the consequences of their travel arrangements. When thinking about travel insurance, don't think about the plane crashing and paying the beneficiary, think about health insurance and emergency situations, such as delayed flights, lost baggage, airline strikes, bankruptcy and acts of terrorism.

Death insurance, in case of death on an airplane is purchased at little booths in most major airports. Expat travel insurance is for emergency medical coverage and major problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer and car accidents. Medical coverage in foreign countries may be very expensive.

Before purchasing expat travel insurance, check with the local health care provider and ask if they will cover all expenses when traveling abroad. Surprisingly most will not cover the insured person overseas, due to liabilities and cost involved.

Expat Travel Insurance Includes Medical Insurance

The main program covered with the expat is medical insurance. This insurance may cover pregnancy, child birth, medical bills, major health problems and more. The premise of this American style policy is the same as in America. There is a limit on the amount of money covered and there are normally deductibles and co-pays.
In case of death, most policies will cover the insured person to be flown home. There are many different riders that can be attached to the policies including mortgage payment coverage. It is highly suggested that anyone traveling overseas that is married or in a relationship get this coverage to protect loved ones.

Protection of Travel Plans for Expats

As exciting as airplane travel can be, it may be a "royal nightmare." Some of the things this policy may covers is:
  • Airline delays, cancellations and air strike
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Lost baggage
  • Bankruptcy
  • Death
Keep in mind that each policy is individual and coverage's will differ from individual to individual, based on pre-existing conditions, age, weight and health. Any pre-existing condition will not be covered. Keep in mind that some countries require proof of insurance before a visa will be given, especially for students attending foreign colleges and universities and/or proof of enough money to cover emergencies.


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