Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Guardian Angel Saves Me from Impending Doom

 Do you believe in Angels? Well I do and ever since I was small I have had contact with angels.  There not at all like you imagine and they are so divine and special that I can only bow my head when they are around.  Not sure why I was chosen to be so gifted with their presence, but I am and I want to share a small part of my life with you and how this one day in history changed my entire life.

The day was October 12, 1997 and to this day, I am not sure why God saved me and sent angels to intervene, but he did and I can tell you if he had not intervened, I would be dead. I shouldn't be alive for sure, but I am and I would like to have you believe in angels more. Do angels intervene? You bet your "sweet bippy!"

\My First Contact with My Guardian Angel

I had a listing appointment and I was running late. My jacket was ironed and a Broker is judged by his appearance, so I never used a seat belt. I looked down at my watch and all of a sudden I hear this voice that said, "You know you would not wrinkle your jacket if you put on your seat belt."
I thought to myself, you know you are right. So I leaned over and put my seat belt on. I was in awe that this voice cared enough about my safety to warn me. An angel in my car that told me I would not wrinkle my clothes, wow cool! I felt happy and secure and it never ever dawned on me what was waiting for me just a few blocks away.

Angel Intervention to Avoid Impending Doom 

As I continue on my journey to get to my listing appointment, my brakes go out. It happened so quickly that there was little time to react. Quickly I tried to turn the car as it veered towards parked cars. In fact I would later discover that I had severely injured the tendons and muscles in my hands. I hit and hit hard one car, then another car, then another car and then finally the fourth car.

My airbag inflates and I finally come to a halt. I had no pain at all, but I was sitting in a car ready to explode. My car was completely destroyed from the collision, but I had no pain. I knew if I did not get out of this smoking car I would be dead. I could barely keep my consciousness, but slowly I crawled out of the car on my hands and feet.

As I lay there in a daze, I started crying and crying. The angels had come to save me and I wouldn't have been alive if they had not. "Oh God," I screamed, "Oh God help me." At that point people started running to my aid. A woman screams at me, "You better have insurance." I just looked at her and turned away.
Then a man came to me and said, "Can I help you?" I was in such a daze, that I just stared at him. I said nothing at all. He said, "Can I call someone for you?" I said, "No, I have no one but me." I was so alone and I was frightened.

I shouldn't be alive, was all I thought at this point. The ambulance and the police finally arrive and guess what they said? "Man, you shouldn't be alive," said both of them. Over and over again they told me I should be dead. I looked at them and said, "An angel saved me."

I Shouldn't Be Alive

I talked to my preacher and told him what happened to me on that fateful day and I told him that I was not good enough to be alive and was not the best person for sure. Well maybe I was the best Real Estate Broker though, lol. My preacher told me, "Don't ask why, just say thank you." To this day I still feel that I shouldn't be alive.

I took a friend with me when I went to clean out my car as it was being totaled. The horror of seeing the car is beyond explanation. It was completely totaled and the garage told me, "How in the world did you ever survive this?" I told him again, "An angel saved me, an angel saved me."

Angels Intervene for Many

I am humbled and very thankful that this angel saved my life and I do hear of others who are saved. I was told I had a mission here on earth and not for sure what I must do to repay God back for this wonderful gift. I do know however that angels exist and they bring love and mercy from God. I do know that I am very lucky to be loved. Angels are my best friends for sure.

"Angels," Catholic