Friday, 30 March 2012

Why are we so fascinated with "Angels?"

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been surrounded by angels.  Maybe because I was always a loner and Allah sent his messengers to guide me on the path of righteousness. I was always amazed at their beauty and their light.  I never prayed to see angels or to be visited, but somehow they were always there.

We all have guardian angels looking after us and we have angels on our left shoulder recording our bad deeds and angels on our right shoulder recording our good deeds.  We have angels of death, angels of the throne, angels of the mountains, angels of the sea and angels of the heavens.  Angels are so much, you cannot imagine.  Here is a very long article about the time when Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, descended to heaven and was carried on a winged animal accompanied by Angel Gabriel:

My favorite part of this article is when Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, goes to the third heaven and sees this house with 7000 windows and at each window is 7000 angels looking down to earth to see who is looking up to heaven that loves Allah. So each night I go outside and look up and wave.  My neighbors wondered what I was doing and assumed I was waving to my dead husband, but the truth is I was waving to my beloved angels who would be waving back.

I have had many encounters with angels and I told of a beautiful story in Mecca where a huge angel at Medina Mosque saved me.

Angels Follow Me All the Way to Medina, Saudi Arabia - True Story: http://www.cheap-hotels--worldwide.com/angels-follow-me-to-medina-saudi-arabia.html

I had angels who saved me from impending doom also.  Here is another article I wrote about an angel asking me to put on my seat belt. I had no ideal what was waiting for me up the road.

Angel Intervention Saves Me from Impending Doom: http://yourexpatblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-guardian-angel-saves-me-from.html

I had angels with me when my husband died too and I saw the angel of death circling my father-in-law when he died.  The angel came in with the wind and he stood in the upper left hand corner of the room.  He knew I could see him and he motioned for me to remain quiet.  I just bowed my head and waited.  On the third day he moved over behind the bed of my father-in-law and circled him with his wings.  My father-in-law became very quiet and improved.

I told my husband not to get excited as he would die very soon.  No one believed me.  The next morning around 11am I was sitting in the room with the family and everyone was laughing.  I heard this woosh of wind from the bed.  I told my husband he should check on his father and sure enough he had died as I predicted.

At the funeral they asked me to tell the story of my angel and how he circled the old man.  I told them the story of my angel and everyone listened intently.  A very religious woman came to me and said, "You must be very close to Allah to see this." Funny I never thought of it that way.  I never considered that I was all that special, I only knew that angels were special and they would become very important to me.

At times when I am sick I ask Allah to send my angels back to comfort me and they always come.  If you could see angels you would know that they are always there.  You will hear countless stories about angels being with people as they go for an operation in the hospital.  They are always there.

The angel of death comes three times to you each day.  What are you doing when the angel of death came today?  The angels of death was asked if he gave warning before he came and he said, "Look to your gray hair, aching bones and 60 years of age." Well that suites me pretty close.

I have been very sick this month and twice I saw the angel of death coming to me and each time I tell him, "I do not like it when you are here, please go away."  My health has improved thanks to alternative medicine and Allah's mercy and thankfully the angel of death is not here today, but my other angels are.

When I am feeling sad I always like to play this video of supposed angel voices.  The video will make you cry and it will make you long to see angels.  It is not really angel voices, but it certainly is something you will think long and hard about.  You must watch this on internet explorer not Firefox.